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Unlock your unlimited potential through yoga and wellness coaching

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Hello !

I'm Jade, a yoga/barre teacher, health coach and content creator based in Paris.

Mes services

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Des séances de coaching pour vous aidez à comprendre le langage de votre corps et  trouver des solutions sur une situation bloquée.

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Cours privé, en groupe ou en entreprise.

À Paris et dans Les Landes !

Partenariat sur Instagram ou Tiktok, création de contenu pour votre entreprise. Contactez-moi !

What's Wellness Coaching ?

Everything we consume on a daily basis, food but also conversations, thoughts, emotions, stress (…), have a direct positive or negative impact on our well-being. Wellness Coaching gives you the keys to unlock your unlimited potential et reach your goals by considering your being as a whole and by making yourself your best ally.

My mission is to help you live a more fulfilling life by connecting to your authentic yourself throughout yoga and 1:1 coaching sessions. It's time to reach your goals and get that life dream of yours.


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