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A health coach : what is it and what for ?

Dernière mise à jour : 27 févr. 2023

A health coach is a certified person able to guide you on your way to a more fulfilling life.

It is neither a psychotherapist nor a consultant but more of a co-pilot. It is you who chooses the road and the destination, he is there to guide you.

Coaching sessions will allow you to reach your personal or professional goals quickly and sustainably.

How does it work ?

Each coach has his own coaching model. Some will propose long methods, others flash coaching with only one or two sessions. Each session last around 1h15.

There are coaches for everyone, you just need to find the person that suits you the most.

Each coach has a specific field and values that will allow you to know if he or she corresponds to your research in your quest for well-being.

Coaching is composed of many different tools. Obviously the first one is verbal communication, making you express your desires, your goals. You will also work on your beliefs, your values, your methods and actions plan etc. Lots of things!

We put at your disposal a lot of tools to help you find your answers and reach your goals.

Examples of topic during coaching sessions:

- Self confidence and self love

- Dropping limiting beliefs

- Motivation and purpose

- Changing job

- Social media strategy

- Law of attraction tips


Anything is possible, you choose !


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